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The 2011 Wimbledon Ladies' Doubles was won by

They defeated Lisicki and Samantha Stosur

In 2012, the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena, won the title

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Q: Who won last years womens doubles at Wimbledon?
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Who was the last person to win the men's doubles at Wimbledon?

Marray Nielsen

Company who supplied tennis balls at Wimbledon?

Slazenger have supplied the tennis balls for Wimbledon for the last 100 years.

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When was the last time all five major Wimbledon finals were won in straight sets?

In 2010 the mens, ladies, mens doubles, ladies doubles and mixed doubles were all won in straight sets!

Who was the last Wimbledon champion?

2012 Wimbledon champions:Men: Roger FedererWomen: Serena Williams

How long does Wimbledon last?

14 days

Who is the oldest man to win Wimbledon?

Well, Bill Tilden was 37 at his last Wimbledon title in 1930: he finally went professional from there and won his last "major" pro title at Wembley at 45 years old! So there's a good starter ;)

When was the last time and English women won Wimbledon?

Virginia Wade was the last English Woman to win Wimbledon, which was on 1 July 1977.

Who was the last English woman to win Wimbledon?

The last English woman to win the ladies singles final at Wimbledon was Ann Jones in 1969.

Who is the only Spaniard to win a Wimbledon singles title in the last 20 years Apart from Rafael Nadal?

conchita martinez

What years has Bjorn Borg won Wimbledon?

Bjorn Borg won Wimbledon 5 times: 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, and 1980.He won it for five years continuously in the years 1976,77,78,79,80.Bjorn Borg from Sweden won Wimbledon five years in a row, starting with his first title at SW19 in 1976, and his last in 1980, before losing to John McEnroe in four sets in the 1981 final, Borg's sixth Wimbledon final in a row, and McEnroe's second.

Last british man to play in Wimbledon semis?

Andy Murray reached the Wimbledon semis in 2009.

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