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Jon Jones by fourth round submission.

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Q: Who won in UFC 135 rampage or Jones?
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Who won rampage Henderson UFC fight?


Who won UFC 123?


Who won rampage or evans in UFC?


Who won jones vs rampage?

Rampage Jackson

Who won UFC 114 rampage or rashad?

Rashad by unanimous decision.

Who won the rampage and john Jones fight?

Jones won with a 4th round submission. He (Jones) dominated the entire fight.

Did rampage beat Jon Jones?

No jon jones won via rear naked choke in the 4th round

Who won the Evans Jones UFC fight?

Jon Jones won his fight with Rashad Evans. The fight was for Jones UFC Light Heavyweight Title. The fight lasted 5 rounds in which Jones defeated Evans by judges Unanimous Decision. All three judges had scored the fight in favor of Jones.

Who won UFC 140?

The main event of UFC 140 was the fight between Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight championship. Jones won the match by submission in the second round to defend his title. The other main match at UFC 140 was between Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira which Mir won by a Kimura Lock submission in the first round.

Why did rampage Jackson start UFC?

Quinton Rampage Jackson had a great amount of success in the world of MMA in the early 2000's. He won numerous fights in the Pride Fighting Championships. In May 2006 he joined the World Fighting Alliance as a fighter. In December 2006, Zuffa Inc the parent company of UFC acquired World Fighting Alliance and part of its fighters. Rampage Jackson was one of them and that is how he started with the UFC. Jackson was a top class MMA fighter and UFC was arguably the best MMA promotion and so Jackson was happy to join them.

Who won the fight between rampage Jackson and machida?

rampage Jackson by decision

Who won the fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans?

whoever typed that is a retard they havent fought yet and its quinton rampage Jackson The fight was won by Clinton "Rampage" Jackson.

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