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Jim Thorpe

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Q: Who won gold metals in the pentathlon and decathlon in the 1912 Olympic Games?
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In what year did Jim Thorpe win his medals?

Jim Thorpe won gold medals in the decathlon and pentathlon at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

What was in the pentathlon in the ancient olympic games?

sprinting, long-jumping, javelin, discuss and wrestling were in the Pentathlon in the Ancient Olympic games

Which American Indian athlete won both the pentathlon and the decathlon in the 1912 olympic games and was called the greatest athlete in the world by the king of Sweden?

Jim Thorpe

What Olympic games rhyme?

triathlon and pentathlon

What Olympiad was the pentathlon added?

Men competed in pentathlon beginning at the 1912 Games in Stockholm for 3 Olympic Games. Men's pentathlon was dropped after the 1924 Games. Women competed in pentathlon beginning at the 1964 Games in Tokyo for 5 Olympic Games. Starting in 1984 women began competing in heptathlon.

When did the modern pentathlon begin?

1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm.

Whatever happened to the decathlon?

It is still an important event at the Olympic Games. The decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing will take place on August 21 and 22 at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

What sport was the combination of five events in the first olympic games?


What is the penalathon in the ancient olympic games?

The pentathlon is a modern Olympics sport.

Who was a Native American who won Olympic gold medals in track and field?

Jim Thorpe who won gold in pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Games in Stookholm and Billy Mills who won gold in men's 10000 meter run at the 1964 Games in Tokyo.

What did Plato the philosopher achieve during the olympic games?

he achieved glory that he won all the pentathlon games.

Who is the best athlete in the olympic games?

The man that wins the decathlon and the woman that wins the heptathlon.

How many gold medals are in the Olympic Decathlon?

There is only one gold medal award in each Olympic Decathlon to the decathlon winner. There has been 25 gold medals awarded in the 24 Olympic Games that included the Decathlon competition. The reason why there is one more gold medal awarded than actual events competitions is because in 1912 there were co-gold medalists.

How many Olympic gold medals does Bruce Jenner have?

Bruce Jenner won the gold medal in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal.

How do you win a pentathlon in the modern Olympic Games?

You try your best work hard everyday so you get better.

Did Jim thorpe win any silver medals at the Olympics?

No.Jim Thorpe was a two time gold medalist, winning the pentathlon and decathlon at the 1912 Games in Stockholm.

How many olympic medals did Daley Thompson win?

Two. Daley Thompson won gold in the decathlon at the 1980 and 1984 Summer Olympic Games.

4 events held in the olympic games?

Javelin, discus, wrestling, chariot racing, foot racing, pentathlon

Which northern Ireland athlete won the pentathlon in the 1972 olympic games?

Mary Peters from Ballymena in County Antrim.

What does daley Thompson play in the olympic games?

Daley Thompson competed in decathlon and won gold at the 1980 Games in Moscow and the 1984 Games in Los Angeles.

What events make the modern pentathlon in the Olympic games?

Swimming, Fencing (Epe), Running and Shooting (Combined event), Riding

What part of the olympic games involves an activity called the decathlon how many events do you think make up the decathon?

Answer it yourself

How many medals has Angie Darby won?

The 2008 Games is Angie Darby's first Olympic Games. The modern pentathlon will be competed on the 21st and 22nd of August.

How many metals has mahe drysdale won in the olympic games?


What Country took the most metals in Beijing Olympic Games?