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Q: Who won gold in men's hokey in Asian games 2014?
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How many gold medals did India win in Asian games?

India won 14 gold medals in the Asian games.

How many gold medals did qatar win in the 2006 Asian games?

9 gold

How many gold Medals were won by India in the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, India won 15 Gold Medals.

Who won the highest gold winner in Asian games 2010?


Who won the first gold medal in 2010 Asian games?


How many gold medals did Wales win in the 2014 commonwealth games?

At the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Wales won a total of five gold medals.

Who won the first and only gold medal in swimming at Asian games for India?

Sachin Nag won the swimming gold medal for India in 1951 during the Asian Games by winning the 100 m freestyle.

Who is the first gold medal winner in guangzhou Asian games?

yuan xiachao

How many gold medals did china win in 2010 Asian games?


What country won the most gold medals for boxing in the 1954 Asian Games?

The Philippines with five gold medals.

Which country won the gold medal in womens hockey at 2014 in Commonwealth Games?

Australia defeated England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games to win the Women's Hockey Gold Medal.

How many medals did India win in olympic 2012?

India won 69 medals in 2002 commonwealth games. Gold: 30 Sliver: 22 Bronze: 17 TOTAL: 69