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The Philippines with five gold medals.

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Q: What country won the most gold medals for boxing in the 1954 Asian Games?
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Which country won the most medals in Asian games?


Which country won the maximum medals in Asian games 2010?

China 416

Asian games medals count in 2009?

There was no Asian Games in 2009.

How many gold medals did India win in Asian games?

India won 14 gold medals in the Asian games.

How many gold medals have the US won in boxing?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the United States has won 48 boxing gold medals.

Which Asian athlete has won the most total medals in the history of the Asian Games?


How many medals did c.kunalan win in the Asian games?


How many gold medals India won in Asian games 2010?

14 gold medals.

How many medals did vijendra singh won?

Vijender has won 1 Olympic medal, a bronze in men's middleweight class (75 kg) boxing at the 2008 Games in Beijing. He has also won a gold and bronze at the Asian Games, a silver and bronze at the Commonwealth Games, and a bronze at the World Boxing Championships.

How many boxing gold medals has Cuba won in one olympic games?


Which is In the 15th Asian Games India bagged the largest number of medals?


How many gold medals did china win in 2010 Asian games?


In which country 2009 Asian games held?

The Asian games are not contested n 2009.

Which country hosted the first Asian games?

India hosted the first Asian games.

Which country won maximum medals in 2010 commonwealth games?

Australia won the most medals at the 2010 Delhi Games with 177 medals.

How many gold medals did PTUsha win in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games?


How many gold medals did qatar win in the 2006 Asian games?

9 gold

How many goldmadels won by Pakistan in Asian games 2010?

3 Gold Medals

How many medal India got in Asian games?

Asian Games 2014 India were with 57 Medals (11 Gold, 9 Silver and 37 Bronze)

How many medal India won in 2010 Asian games?

India has won 64 medals including 16 gold medals

What country has won the most medals at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia has won the most Commonwealth Games medals with 2217.

How many medals did Ireland win at the 2008 Olympic Games?

Ireland won three medals at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008: one silver and two bronze, all for boxing.

How many medals did Armenia won in the Olympic games in 2008?

6, all bronze. 3 medals were won in weightlifting, 2 in wrestling, and 1 in boxing.

What country has won the most commonwealth youth games medals?

Australia has won the most Commonwealth Games medals with 2216.

How many gold medals did India win in the recent 16 Asian games?

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