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Q: Who won game 5 from Celtics and pistons?
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What are 5 NBA teams names?

celtics, bulls, magic, cavaliers, pistons

Who won game 4 between the Celtics and the Cavaliers?

Celtics won 97 to 87! The Series are tied 2 games to 2! Game 5 Celtics are playing at the Caviler's Arena!!! Whoever wins the series the team play the Orlando Magic!GO WIN OR GO HOME!!

Which teams are in the top twenty in NBA championships won?

1: Boston Celtics 2: LA Lakers 3: Dallas Mavericks 4: San Antonio Spurs 5: Detroit Pistons

What was the highest score for a Boston Celtics game?


Who won last 5 nba championships?

heat,lakers,celtics,mavericks,and spurs

Who won the NBA championship of the 2004 seasons?

Detroit Pistons defeat the favored Los Angeles Lakers 4-1. The Pistons won Game 1, 3, 4 and 5. This was the first time a team without home court advantage had won all 3 of their home games in the 2-3-2 format.

What is the lowest attendance for an NBA game?

5 nba finals lakers vs celtics

Who was the Boston Celtics center in game 5 of the 2010 playoffs eastern conference finals game?

Kendrick Perkins was the starting center for the Boston Celtics throughout the entire 2009/10 NBA season, including game 5 of the eastern conference finals.

Who won the NBA championship in 1964?

The Boston Celtics won the 1964 NBA championship by defeating the San Francisco Warriors in the final of 5 games.

What Michael Jordan's lowest scoring playoff game?

It was 1989 eastern conference finals against the pistons game 5

Final score in 08 finals nba?

In the NBA's 2008 championship series, Doc Rivers' Boston Celtics defeated Phil Jackson's Los Angeles Lakers 4 games to 2. Game scores are as follows: Game 1 Boston Celtics 98 Los Angeles Lakers 88 Game 2 Boston Celtics 108 Los Angeles Lakers 102 Game 3 Los Angeles Lakers 87 Boston Celtics 81 Game 4 Los Angeles Lakers 91 Boston Celtics 97 Game 5 Los Angeles Lakers103 Boston Celtics 98 Game 6 Boston Celtics 131 Los Angeles Lakers 92

What is the top ten NBA teams?

This is an opinion but I would say: 1) Lakers 2)Celtics 3)Spurs 4)Bulls 5)Pistons 6)Rockets 7)76ers the rest is any.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! how are the bulls, 76ers, Pistons and Rockets in their?? - My list 1) Lakers 2) Celtics 3) Magic 4) Heat 5) Mavericks 6) Nuggets 7) Jazz 8) Suns 9) Hawks 10)TrailBlazers

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