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the first person in the Olympics to win a gold medal on the Bahamas was tom dailey.

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Q: Who won first gold medal for Bahamas?
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Who won the first Olympic medal for the Bahamas in track and field?

Frank Rutherford won a bronze medal in the triple jump at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona for the Bahamas.

How old was Tony Hawk when he won his first gold medal?

Hawk was 27, when he won his first gold medal. -Swan

Which country won the gold medal in women's 400 metres at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The country that won the gold medal in the Women's 400m Event at the Rio 2016 Olympics was the Bahamas.

Who won the first medal in the Olympics for the Bahamas?

The first Olympic medal for the Bahamas was a bronze won by Sloan Farrington and Durward Knowles in mixed two person keelboat sailing at the 1956 Games in Melbourne.

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In what sport did Bruce Jenner win his first gold medal?

Bruce only won one gold medal but in 1976 summer olympics he won a gold medal.

When India had first gold medal in Olympics?

India won first gold medal in 1928 summer olympics.

When did Nigeria win her first Olympic gold medal?

Nigeria won her first Olympic gold medal in 1876

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Which country won their first gold medal in 2004 Olympics?

Three countries won their first ever gold medal at the 2004 Games in Athens: 1) Dominican Republic won their first gold medal when Felix Sanchez won the men's 400 meter hurdles event. 2) United Arab Emerites won their first gold medal when Ahmed Al Maktoum won the men's double trap shooting event. 3) Israel won their first gold medal when Gal Fridman won the men's sailboard sailing event.

What colour medal did Cathy freeman win at her first Commonwealth games?

the first medal she won was a gold medal.

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