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Ramesh Kumar

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โˆ™ 2010-08-08 13:22:20
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Q: Who won bronze medal in world championship denmark 2010?
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Who won bronze medal in world wrestling championship denmark-2010?

Ramesh Kumar

How many medals joannie rochette?

She has won an Olympic bronze medal and a World Championship silver medal.

Which badminton player won the bronze medal at the world badminton championship in 2013?

Andy Murray

Achievements by Mahe Drysdale in Rowing?

He has represented New Zealand at seven World Championships and two Olympic Games and has won five World Championship titles, a World Championship Silver medal and an Olympic Bronze Medal.

What is the value of a 1975 world championship medallion or medal?

== ==

What sport was Debbie Thomos known for?

Debi Thomas was known for being a world-class figure skater in the 1980's. She won the World Championship in 1986 and the Olympic Bronze Medal in 1988.

What is a World War 2 bronze service star?

A medal for bravery

Is there a list of Bronze Star recipients from World War 2?

No list of Bronze Star Medal recipients exists.

Bronze star medal winners of world war 2?

There is no such comprehensive listing.

What is the difference between the bronze star service medal in World War 2 and a Bronze Star?

The Bronze Star Medal could be awarded for either "meritorious service" or for "valor". If the award was for valor, the Medal was awarded with a bronze "V device" to be worn on the ribbon of the Medal. After the war was over the Army decided that every WWII veteran was entitled to the Bronze Star Medal, but the award was for "meritorious service", not "valor", so no "V device".

Who won bronze medl in world wrestling champianship Denmark-2010?

ramesh kumar

The first woman who got the medal in world athletic championship?

Alexandre Ballent

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