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yer ma

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Q: Who won an NFL game without completing a pass?
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What is the pass completion average per game in the NFL?


Most pass attempts in NFL game?

70 by Drew Bledsoe

What is the NFL rookie single game pass attempts record?

Bruce lee

Has there ever been an NFL game without a penalty?

Yes, that has happened 4 times ... the last NFL game without a penalty was the Steelers against the Eagles on November 10, 1940.

Who caught ben roethlisberger's first nfl pass in a regular season game?


Can you watch nfl game pass on 2 computers?

Nope just on one device.

What is the highest scoring NFL game without the other team score?

The largest shutout in NFL history was in the 1940 NFL Championship game when the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0.

Who holds the record for the most catches in a game?

The NFL record for pass receptions in a game is 21 by Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins.

Who threw the most passes in an NFL game?

As of the 2007 season, the NFL record for pass attempts in a game is held by Drew Bledsoe of the New England Patriots who threw 70 passes in a game against the Minnesota Vikings in 1994.

Who threw the first touchdown pass in the NFL?

Who threw the first NFL touchdown pass

Where can one purchase a game pass?

A game pass canbe purchased online through various retailers such as NFL. They can also be purchased from SOE, although this requires additional software to be downloaded and installed.

What is the record for the most consecutive punts in an NFL game without a score?


Who was the MVP for the NFL Super Bowl of 2008?

Santonio Holmes- he caught the game-winning touchdown pass

What Olympic hurdler caught a pass from Joe Montana in a regular season NFL game?

Renaldo Nehemiah

Who was the first player in the NFL to throw a forward pass?

1906 The forward pass was legalized. The first authenticated pass completion in a pro game came on October 27, when George (Peggy)

Who caught Brett Favre's last NFL pass?

Corey Webster caught the last pass that Brett Favre threw in a 2008 play off game against the Giants. The pass was an interception.

Who has the most consecutive pass attempts in NFL playoffs without an interception in one playoff year?

Tom Brady

Who is the only Pittsburgh Steeler and NFL player to intercept a pass and throw an interception in the same game?

Tony Dungy

On what tv channel do they pass the NFL draft?

The NFL Network passes the NFL draft.

What is the record for fewest pass attempts in an NFL game?

By a starting quater back that played the entire game..... Tim Tebow 8, 2011

Who was the first black quarterback to throw a pass in the NFL and what year?

The (unofficial) QB was Frederick Pollard, and it was in the 1920. Pollard threw two passes for the Akron Pros in 1920, completing one for 6 yards.

How do you get penalty points in an NFL game?

There are no points for penalties in an NFL game.

Who caught Brett Favre's last NFL touchdown pass?

Brett Favre's last NFL career touchdown pass was a 12 yard pass to Donald Lee. It came with 5:00 minutes to play in the 3rd quarter of the 2007 NFC Championship game against the NY Giants in Green Bay, WI.

Who scored the Most points in an NFL game without touchdowns?

Minnesota Vikings Vs. LA Rams

What NFL quarterback holds the record for most completions in a game?

As of the end of 2007 season, the NFL record for pass competions in a game is held by Drew Bledsoe of the New England Patriots who threw 70 passes and completed 45 in a game against the Minnesota Vikings in 1994.

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