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Australia have won the most world cups.

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Q: Who won Maxamim Match Circket World Cup History?
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How many circket match on worldcup 2011?

There are 49 match in 2011 ICC world cup

Who is the fastest bowler in history of circket?

The Pakistani Bowler Sohaib Akter is the fastest bowler in the world

Did circket worldcup played on 2008?

No. The ICC Cricket world cup was played in 2007. Australia went on to win the cup without losing even one match. This was their 3rd consecutive cricket world cup.

Which country is the winner of secondT20 circket world cup?


Who was the winning team of2003 circket world cup?

england my frnd

Which is the highest scoring match in the history of World cup?

The quarter-final match between Austria and Switzerland in 1954 fifa world cup is the highest scoring match in the history of fifa world cup. 12 goals were scored in the match. Austria 7-5 Switzerland.

Which country hosted the last circket world cup final?

The final was held in Mumbai, India.

Which type of circket is played in World Cup?

The cricket played at a world cup is made up of 50 overs a game.

Who won World Cup cricket 2000?

India defeated Kenya in the senieinal of 2003 World Cup.

In the world cup what was the hiest scoring match in world cup history?

7-0 Portugal

Which team won the first match in the history of the World Cup?

It was Uruguay in in 1930.

How many players of circket team India?

if ur question is that how many players are in world cup squad of India then the answer is 15