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The quarter-final match between Austria and Switzerland in 1954 fifa world cup is the highest scoring match in the history of fifa world cup. 12 goals were scored in the match.

Austria 7-5 Switzerland.

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2010-07-09 07:28:37
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Q: Which is the highest scoring match in the history of World cup?
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What is the highest scoring match in the football world cup?

Hungary10-El Salvador

What is the highest scoring match in a soccer world cup?

Yugoslavia vs Zaire 1974

In the world cup what was the hiest scoring match in world cup history?

7-0 Portugal

What was the highest scoring match at the 2002 world cup finals?

germany vs saudi arabia

Highest scoring soccer match?


Who is highest run scorer in a test match?

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Who played in the highest scoring 7-5 fifa world cup match?

Austria overcame Switzerland in the 12-goal thriller in their 1954 quarter final.

What is the most goals in an English premier league game?

The highest scoring match in English Premier League history is 7-4, Portsmouth vs Reading on September 29th, 2007.

What is the highest scoring game in a UEFA Champions League match?

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What was the highest score scored in World cup history?

World Cup's Highest ScoreThe greatest scoring match of a World Cup finals occured in a 1954 Quarter Finals Match where Austria came from 3-0 down against Switzerland to win 7-5.Austria and Switzerland teamed up for the highest-scoring game in in World Cup history 1954 when they combined for 12 goals.Austria won 7-5.Additional Info:Runners cup in Spain on June 15 1982, El Salvador VS Hungary the score was 10 - 1 for Hungary.Highest winning margin in a World Cup finals is shared between:Hungary 9-0 South Korea in 1954Yugoslavia 9-0 Zaire in 1974Hungary 10-1 El Salvador in 1982The greatest margin of victory in any World Cup match was in the Ocenia Qualification for the 2002 World Cup when Australia beat American Samoa 31-0.

When did nsw win last state of origin?

Highest scoring match: NSW 56-16 at Stadium Australia on June 7, 2000 Lowest scoring match: Queensland 2, NSW 0 at Sydney Football Stadium on May 15, 1995

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