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the horse who won the grand national was ballabriggs

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Q: Who won 2011 grand national horse race?
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What is the Grand National Steeplechase?

The Grand National Steeplechase is a New Zealand horse race.

Is there a Horse Race longer than the Grand National in Britain?

No. the Grand National is the longest horserace

What is the most important horse race?

The Grand National

Where is the horse race grand national held?

Aintree racecourse in Liverpool.

What does 30 f in the gn mean?

The Answer is really an English answer. In the UK our National Horse race is The Grand National and it contains 30 fences.Therefore the answer is 30 Fences in the Grand National

Who won the 1993 grand national?

The 1993 Grand National was the only instance in which there was not a winning horse. As a result of this, it is known as The Race That Never Was.

What is the Grand National?

The prestigious Grand National horse race in England is the original Grand Daddy of all the Grand nationals around. It has been run for 162 times since 1839.

In English horse racing how long is the grand national race?

Those competing in the Grand National will need to race around the circuit, which is 3,600 metres long, two times. To find out more about the Grand National and betting, follow the Betfair link below.

What is a famous horse race called?

Grand National

Which racecourse hosts the grand national?

Grand National is an annual hunt horse race which takes places in Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. It was first started in 1839.

Which famous horse race is run at Aintree on a Saturday in spring?

I believe it's the Grand National.

What is the longest horse race in the flat race season?

The English Grand National, not a flat race but it's run in the flat season, making it the longest race in the flat race season.

What has the author John Keith Pye written?

John Keith Pye has written: 'A Grand National commentary' -- subject(s): Grand National (Horse race)

What was the horse that came third place in the grand national horse race?

The Horse Was Called Don't Push It. The Jockey Was Called Tony McCoy. The Bookies Ratio Was 9/11.

What is the most famous English Horse Race?

The Derby for flat racing or the Grand National for jumps racing (National Hunt) Ascot Gold Cup.

What is the date of grand national horse race 2009?

It was April 4 this year according to UK betting site Ladbrokes.

Where can you find the runners and riders in the 1931 grand national?

The Grand National is a horse race with jumps that is held each year in Liverpool, England. It is one of the country's most prestigious events. You can see history of all the races by accessing the Grand National web site, or reference section of your library.

What is the Grand National race course called?

The Grand National race is held at Aintree, which is located in Aintree, Merseyside, England.

What is longest horse race held under jockey club rules?

Surely the grand national - jumps (4M 4F) Possibly the ascot stakes - flat (2M 6F) The longest flat race under Jockey Club Rules is The Newmarket Town plate at 3M 6F. The Grand National is run under National Hunt Rules.

Did a woman ever win the grand national horse race?

No female jockey has ever won the Aintree Granda National. Jenny Pitman and Venetia Williams both trained winners.

Is the grand national one race?

The Grand National is usually associated with the race at Aintree in England. It is a single race. There are however other Grand Nationals, like one in Ireland, one in Scotland and one in Wales.

How often do horses do races?

Horses are used to race everywhere every day. But the most common horse race is The Grand National. It is held in Liverpool, England, and people bet on the horses to win money.

What is the fastest race horse in he world?

Well if you want ones that have died as well RED RUM is your answer as he won the grand national 3 times which is a world record!!!!

What is Pardubice famous for?

It's famous for a horse race, Velke Pardubice, Which is the Czech Grand National. It's also famous for Making ginger bread and semtex.

What is the longest Horse Race held during the UK Flat season?

The GRAND NATIONAL is the the longest race in the flat season even though it is over jumps,it runs into the flat season,bit of a trick question!