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Q: Who won 1985 Big East basketball tournament?
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Who holds the record for most points scored in a big east basketball tournament?

Kemba Walker from UCONN.

What hotel does the Syracuse Men's basketball team stay at during the Big East Tournament?

The Knight's Inn

What are the two big tournaments college basketball has in march?

The NCAA Tournament and The NIT tournament

Is sec football better than big east basketball?

Probably yes. SEC teams have won the last 6 BC national championship games. Big east teams have't been nearly as dominant in the NCAA tournament. Last 6 winners have included ACC (Duke, UNC), Big 12 (Kansas), and SEC (Florida). I'd agree that Big East is the best in college basketball though.

What does the store Big Ten basketball sell?

The store Big Ten basketball sells basketball tickets for the Big Ten tournament. This site also shows the person stats on the sports played by the Big Ten.

Who will win the 2008 big east tournament?

PITT will win

What is the intro of the big east tournament 2012?

Angels and stars

What is the colorful thing at center court of the Big Ten men's basketball tournament?

It's the Big Ten Basketball Tournament Logo. It is each schools two main colors as if they were pennants in a circle. It also has a image of a basketball net (white lines) as if you were looking up through it.

How many times has a 2 seed won NCAA basketball tournament?

12 (The Big East had 3 in 2009) ACC - 4 Big East - 3 Big10 - 2 Pac10 - 1 Big12 - 1 SEC - 1 2009 - Big East (Pitt, UConn, Louisville) 2006 - Big East (Villanova, UConn) 2005 - ACC (Duke, UNC) 2003 - Big12 (Oklahoma, Texas) 2002 - ACC (Maryland, Duke) 2001 - Big10 (Illinois, Michigan St) 2000 - Pac10 (Stanford, Arizona) 1998 - ACC (UNC, Duke) 1993 - Big10 (Indiana, Michigan) 1985 - Big East (Georgetown, St. John's) 1982 - ACC (UNC, UVA) 1980 - SEC (UK, LSU)

When was Big East Conference Men's Basketball Rookie of the Year created?

Big East Conference Men's Basketball Rookie of the Year was created in 1980.

When was Big East Conference Women's Basketball Player of the Year created?

Big East Conference Women's Basketball Player of the Year was created in 1983.

What is Xaviers NCAA basketball conference?

The Big East