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they go to a 1 game playoff

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Q: Who wins in baseball wildcard when the teams are even?
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What is baseball wildcard?

the wildcard is a division awarded to the team with the most amazing plays/outs The wildcard team in the baseball playoffs is the teams with the most wins that did not win a division title.

When is there 163 games in a baseball season?

When, after 162 games, two teams are tied for the division lead, or for the wildcard spot, those two teams, and only those two teams, play a one-game "playoff" to determine which team wins the division or the wildcard spot. It happens less often than you might think.

Which major leaque Baseball teams with over 100 wins?


What baseball teams has the most wins all time?

san francisco giants

How does the wildcard work?

The team that wins the wildcard is the team that is not winning there division (ex: AL east. AFC south) but they have the best record of any team that's not winning their division

Most wins by a baseball manager?

which mangager in baseball has taken their team to the most playoffs...with the most different teams. Is it Joe Torre?

Who wins 5 of kind or straight flush?

Five of a Kind beats a straight flush. It is statistically harder to get (with simple wildcards) than a straight flush, so it makes sense that it would beat it.Consider with 1 wildcard there are only 13 five of a kinds possible (the four of a kind in a rank + wildcard). Even without the wildcard there are 40 straight flushes. And with the wildcard there are a lot more straight flushes (200 if my simple mental calculation is correct).

If two little league teams are tied who wins?

Both teams win!!

How many national leagues and American baseball teams are there today?

In all, there are 30 Major League teams. The New York Yankees are the best by far with 26 World Series wins.

How many career wins does Derek Jeter have?

Wins are awarded to teams not individual players.

What teams have led in most wins in basketball?


Which NCAA division 1 baseball teams have the most wins?

In respect to total number of wins as of 2013, the top three NCAA Division 1 baseball teams of all-time are Fordham University (nearly 4,300), the University of Texas (3,246), and Southern California University (nearly 2,700). Winningest teams in college baseball may also be ranked based on overall win/loss percentage, which would put the University of Texas in the top spot.

How do you determine how many games back a major league baseball team is back?

The leader's wins minus the other teams wins example: 1. A team 6 wins 0 loses 2. b team 4 wins 2 loses two games back

What football coach has the most wins in division 1A?

Joe Paterno. He has the most wins against Division 1A teams and he also is the Division 1A coach with the most wins against teams of any Division.

How many baseball teams have had 3 20 game winners in a season?

Since 1901, 23 major-league teams have had at least three 20-game winners. The last time was in 1973, when the Oakland A's were paced by starters Jim "Catfish" Hunter (21 wins), Ken Holtzman (21 wins) and Vida Blue (20 wins).

City with most sport teams wins?

New York.

Are ther any teams with 6 super bowl wins?

i did

Are there any NFL teams that have had no wins in a season?

Detroit lions.

What NBA teams has the most championship wins?

Lakers and Celtics

Which are NBA teams with the most 50 wins seasons?


When do volleyball teams switch sids?

After a team wins the round.

What teams have back to back wins in Super Bowl?


How many teams had the most wins for basketball?

One team has the most wins and that team is the University Of Kentucky.

What is the order of how teams are decided for the World Series?

Each League has four teams advance to the playoffs. These teams are the three division winners and a fourth team that has the best overall record of the teams that did not win their division. This team is called the 'wildcard' team. Usually in the first round of the playoffs, the wildcard team plays the division winner with the best overall record and the other two division winner play each other. These series are called Divisional Series and a best of 5; the first team to win 3 games wins the series. The winner of those series play each other in another series, called the Championship Series, with the winner going to the World Series. The Championship Series is a best 7 (first team to win 4 games wins the series) and the World Series is also a best of 7.

How many teams have 5 Super Bowls?

3 teams (49ers, Cowboys, Steelers*) *6 superbowl wins