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Its obvious undertaker

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Q: Who will win the match between undertaker and rey mysterio in the royal rumble 2010?
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What matches will be at royal rumble 2010?


Who will try to kill undertaker?

rey mysterio tryed to kill undertaker because it was a qualifing match so mysterio injured the undertaker to win the match.

Was the undertaker and rey mysterio match in 2010?

Yes at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View for 'Taker's World Heavyweight Championship.

Who will win at the royal rumble rey mysterio or the undertaker?

Neither....... Randy Orton will defat Sheamus and become WWE Champion and then he'll smash Mysterio taking his place and he'll win the world heavywieght championship againsdt the undertaker then he will go in the royal rumble match he will win and beat Chrisitan for the ECW championship at "Mania

Is undertaker in the royal rumble 2012 match?

Sadly, no, the deadman isn't in the 2012 Royal Rumble.

Who beat up the undertaker?

No one he got injured in his match with Rey mysterio

Royal rumble 2010 matches?

Sheamus Vs John Cena For WWE Championship Drew McIntyre Vs John Morrison For Intercontinental Championship Royal Rumble Match Triple Threat Match The Undertaker Vs Rey Mysterio Vs Batista For World Heavyweight Championship

Did the undertaker get hurt in a match with rey mysterio?

Ya,rey mysterio broke his nose during a match and they made a story line that undertaker has been attacked by a wwe superstar while that is planned undertaker is having a nose injury and Kane is getting a push

Will undertaker return after buried alive match?

the undertaker will be back at the royal rumble and so will triple h

How did rey masterio beat batista to face the undertaker at the 2010 royal rumble a couple weeks ago?

In a cage match last Friday. Mysterio smacked the cage door into Batista's face.

Who has lasted longer than anyone else in the royal rumble match?

Rey Mysterio

Who put the undertaker in a vegetative state?

No-one; it was concluded after a match between rey mysterio and the undertaker were the undertaker suffered a broken nose and bone on May 25th 2010. Well we can't wait to see how The Undertaker is going to hell with this one.

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