Who will win the ICC Cricket World Cup?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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India is going to win the world cup. They won the cup anyways. INDIA IS THE BEST!

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Q: Who will win the ICC Cricket World Cup?
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Who will win the cricket world cup?

i think India win the cricket

Who is the fevrit to win icc cricket world cup in 2011?


Who do you think will win the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup?

I hopw Pakistan does!

Is Australia going to win the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015?

Yes,Austraila has probability to win ICC WORLD CUP in 2015. Autralia will get benefits from home pitches.

Will Pakistan win or India in icc cricket world cup 2011?

It is impossible to make such predictions.

What trophy did the Pakistan cricket team win in 2009?

ICC T20 world cup Pakistsn won T20 world cup

Did circket worldcup played on 2008?

No. The ICC Cricket world cup was played in 2007. Australia went on to win the cup without losing even one match. This was their 3rd consecutive cricket world cup.

How many icc world cup did West Indies win?

West Indies won 1975 and 1979 cricket world cups.

Which country won the cricket world cup 2007?

Australia defeated Sri Lanka, 281/4 to 215/8, to win the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup. Australia won by 53

Who is the icc t20 cricket champions?

actually i think India is the real t20 champions because they were the first to win the t20 world cup

Which year southafrica won the world cup?

South Africa didn't win cricket world cup.

Who is the favorite to win the Cricket World Cup 2011?

India is a favorite to win the Cricket world cup 2011.