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Q: Who will win the Bulls vs Heat series?
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Who played in the NBA semi finals on May 27 1997?

In the Western Conference: Utah Jazz (1) vs Los Angeles Lakers (4) (Jazz win series 4-1) Seattle SuperSonics (2) vs Houston Rockets (3) (Rockets win series 4-3) In the Eastern Conference: Chicago Bulls (1) vs Atlanta Hawks (4) (Bulls win series 4-1) Miami Heat (2) vs New York Knicks (3) (Heat win series 4-3)

Who would win in Knicks vs Heat or Bulls?

From what era? if your talking about now the Bulls would beat both teams hands down or if your talking about the Jordan era the bulls will win hands down.

Who won game 1 bulls vs heat?

the heat

Who won the Miami Heat vs Chicago bulls game tonight?

In the Miami and Chicago series, Miami won 4-1.

What NBA teams have come back after being down 2-0 in a playoff series to win the series?

miami heat 2006 vs dallas

Who will win the 2012 NBA championship?

There are two teams in both the east and west that I could see winning the nba championship In the east are the top two teams from last year, the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. These teams also have the best record in the east currently. In the west are a young but powerful Oklahoma City Thunder team and the experienced always consistent, San Antonio Spurs. These two teams also are the best in the west currently. Here is how I think the playoffs will go. IN the East 1. Chicago bulls vs 8. New York Knicks 4. Philadelphia 76ers vs 5. Atlanta Hawks 3. Orlando Magic vs 6. Indiana Pacers 2. Miami Heat vs 7. Boston Celtics First round Bulls win in 5, 76 win in 7, Magic win in 6, heat win in 4. Second round Bulls win in 6, Heat win in 6. Third round Heat win in 6 In the west 1. Oklahoma City Thunder vs 8. Denver Nuggets 4. LA Lakers vs 5. Dallas Maverics 3. LA Clipers vs 6. Huston Rockets 2. San Antanio Spurs vs 7. Memphis grizzlies First round Thunder win in 5, Lakers win in 6, Rockets win in 7, Spurs win in 5. Second round Thunder win in 6 maybe 7, Spurs win in 7. Third round Eather team could win but it would probably be in 7. Finals The finalist from the west beats miami heat in if thunder and in 6 if Spurs.

What teams are left in the NBA?

Chicago Bulls Vs. Miami Heat Oklahoma City Vs Dallas Mavericks

Who would win 12689876544 bees vs 88 bulls vs ironhide vs chucky vs 999999999999999999999999 lions vs 134235467 bats?

it's impossible to answer

Who will win the Srilanka vs India series?


Which Miami Heat players were crying after the heat vs bulls game?

Mike miller Eddie house and Erik dampier

Who is going to win the 2012 nba championship?

So far, it could be a toss up. There are two teams in both the east and the west that could win. The two in the east are the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. Currently, the heat have the better record. These teams were also the the teams that were in the confrence finals last year and the heat won it in 5.In the west we have the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antinio Spurs. The thunder has the better out of the two teams records. The thunder also has younger players but the spurs have more expreence and hae won more nba titles. Here is what I think will happen at the end of the whole season.In the East1. Bulls vs 8. Knicks4. 76ers vs 5. Hawks3. Magic vs 6. Celtics2.Heat vs 7. PacersFirst round, bulls win in 5, hawks win in 7, celtics win in 6, heat win in 5.Second round: Bulls win in 6, next round heat win in 6.Third round, Heat win in 7.In the West1. Spurs vs 8. Nuggets4. Lakers vs 5. Mavericks3. Clipers vs 6. Rockets2. Thunder vs 7.Trail BlazersFirst round, Spurs in 4, lakers in 7, Rockets in 6, thunder in 5.Second round, Spurs in 6, Thunder in 5.Third round, Thunder in 7.Finals: Thunder in 7. If Keven Durrant and Russel Westbroke are healthy, they will be able to nock of miami. Wade is the real star if the heat, James is overraded. Bosh is alright but his defencive skills are not enought to stop the dynamic duo in Okc. And Okc has the number one blocker in the leage and two of the top five scorers in the nba currently. So if you were to lazy to read all of that, Thunder beat Heat in 2012 nba finals

Who will win the Orlando VS Celtics series?

The Orlando Magic will win and make history

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