Who will win real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Real Madrid is the better side because they have a better forward. Barcelona has messi and david villa and Pedro as forward. Pedro is not a good footballer and so messi and villa has to work very hard while on Madrid the forward is ronaldo which is good, higuain, which is good, ozil, which is good.

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Real Madrid 5-0 Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Higuian, Ozil.

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Q: Who will win real Madrid vs Barcelona?
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Will real Madrid going to win vs Levante?

Real Radrid will win the cup of the king and also vs Barcelona

Who will win in La Liga final Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Barcelona 3-0 Real Madrid.Barcelona won

Who win more between realmdarid vs Barcelona?

I'm not certain but I think it's real Madrid. Sorry Barcelona

What was the biggest score ever between Barcelona vs real Madrid?

The biggest win is 11-1.

How will finish Barcelona vs Real Madrid in Uefa Champions League 2010-2011?

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona Barcelona 4-0 Real Madrid

Real Madrid VS Barcelona soccer record?

Barcelona beat real Madrid 5-0 in Spanish league. Barcelona has won many matches on real Madrid.

What is the largest scores in real Madrid vs barcelona?

11-1 to real madrid

Who won the most matches between real Madrid vs Barcelona?

Real Madrid have won more matches then Barcelona.

Who is losing the game of Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Real madrid will lose the match because barcelona is coming with more anger than madrid

How do you think Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

This is not even a real question. I think you mean: What do you think, is Barcelona or Real Madrid the better team?

When was the oldest win Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

there is two results about your question. 1-in 13 may 1902 barcelona won real madrid 3 - 1 & in 1906 barca defeated real with 5-2 result.

What is the largest scores in real Madrid vs Barcelona and which year?

Real Madrid beat Barcelona 11-1 away back in 1943.