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Man U obviously they have doot

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Q: Who will win man you or Liverpool in a football match?
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Who will win in the match Manchester United vs Liverpool?

It is soccer anyone can win May be Man United or Liverpool FC , or it may be draw also

Who will win the match between Manchester United and Liverpool?

Obviously Liverpool.

Who will win Liverpool or man you?


Who would win in a football match Joe or Kayla?

Joe would win in a football match

Who would win a football match out of Chelsea or Man U?

Chelsea 3:0 Man U

Did arsenal win or everton win in a football match?

Actually, most people would think Arsenal but Everton did. Also i am a big big Everton fan myself (I live in Liverpool, hate liverpool) LOL.

What is Liverpool's biggest win against Man united?

7-1 in 1895 was Liverpool's biggest win over Man United

What year did liverpool football club last win the league?


What is the highest win in a premier league match?

I think its 11-0 Held by tottenham vs. Liverpool ( Liverpool won)

In which year did Liverpool win their first Football League Cup?

Liverpool was founded in 1892. Liverpool did not win their first Football League Cup until 1914 against Burnley at 1-0. They won in 1922 and 1923, but not again until 1946.

Who has win the most trophys between Liverpool fc and man utd?

Liverpool. Bruno..

Who is going to win Manchester united or Liverpool?

man united

How many match's did Linoel Messi win in football?


Did man you win fa cup 2006?

No. Liverpool won that year

Who was man of the match in englands world cup win?

Geoff Hurst was man of the match for a hat-rick

Describe a riotous scene at a football match?

Storming the field after a win

How do you win football match?

look for space and take the easy options

Did man you win last match against man city?


When did Liverpool Football Club win the treble?

They haven't the only club to achieve this are Manchester united.

Who is better Liverpool or man utd?

man utd is more succesful they also win more games then them

Who is going to win today football match?

watch it and see!but i think Germany.

What is the biggest win of Man Utd against Liverpool?

Liverpool's biggest win over United was in Anfield on 12 October 1895. Liverpool won 7-1. United's biggest win over Liverpool was in Old Trafford on 15 September 1928. United won 6-1.

Which sport in the UK has the most deaths?

Football in UK has the most deaths. Some crazy fans die when their team doesn't win the premier league and some people die of joy when they win ( like man city fans during Aguero's title winning goal...) Jokes aside, 96 or 99 people actually died 25 years ago in the Liverpool football match :(

How many cup did Liverpool win in 1997?

What did Liverpool win in 1997

Is Liverpool fc rubbish at football?

No, they are the ONLY English team to win 5 champions league titles.