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Maybe Randy orton Because Him and Triple H were closest to ending his wrestlemania streak

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Q: Who will win a fight out of undertaker and Randy Orton?
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Who will win in a street fight between Kane and randy orton?

Randy Orton

Who will win sheamus or randy orton?

Randy orton

In wresilmania25 who wll win the WWE champion belt?

randy orton randy orton randy orton at backlash

Who would win between john cena and undertaker after a match between Randy Orton?

If at wrestlemania taker will win,If it simple matches cena will win

How do you unlock john cena purple shert in WWE 12?

You win a match with him at WrestleMania not aginst The Undertaker or Randy Orton.

Who would win in WWE sheamus Randy Orton john cena?

randy orton

Who will win at bragging rights Wade Barret or Randy Orton?

the viper randy orton

Who won undertaker or Kane at night of champions?

The undertaker wins as he is a legend!! :) and Kane lost against Randy Orton soo... he ain't gunna win against the UNDERTAKER!! Love Bobbina and Megan

Who would win between Randy Orton jbl Kane and john morison?

Randy Orton

Is Randy Orton going to win the title at No Mercy?

I think Randy Orton will injure John Cena and Randy Orton will be awarded the WWE Title at No Mercy by Vince McMahon. I think Triple H will win the title from him about ten minutes after awarded the title. I think Triple H will fight Umaga for the WWE Title and succesfully win, then the last man standing match, where Orton will win the title.

Who will win the world heavyweight championship?

after randy orton it will be mark henry, christian, randy orton then sheamus

Who would win Randy Orton vs John Morrison?

Randy orton because he is the best in the WWE

What is randy orton's win loss record?

Randy Orton's win loss record is that he won 198 times and loss 106 times

Who will win at WWE 2010 fatal 4 way?

I Think It's Randy Orton Or Edge But Randy Orton Is The One Who Is Going TO Win..

Who will all win at WWE extreme rules 2010?

Considering the draft is the next night on RAW, Randy Orton could win the World Heavyweight Championship and be drafted to Smackdown and have a Jericho, Edge Orton and possibly Undertaker

How did john cena win the iron match?

After getting a sneak pin or two over Randy Orton - After the fight into the crowd - Randy Then threw a fit, John was then able to get the stfu on Randy Orton - This ofcourse was after Randy tried to blow John Cena Up

Did a heel ever win a WWE wreslmania match?

Yes, including: Edge Randy Orton Stone Cold Steve Austin Kane The Undertaker

Did Randy Orton beat sheamus at summerslam?

well i wanted randy orton to win but i think randy orton won e-mail me at to tell me the real answer

Who will win royal rumble 2013?

randy orton

How many titles did Randy Orton win?


Was John Cena supposed to win at no mercy?

Yes,John Cena was scheduled to fight Randy Orton and win, but his injury made him unable to wrestle.

Did john cena win wrestlamania 24?

No John Cena did not win at Wrestlemania 24.. He was fighting Randy Orton, and Triple H. Randy Orton won.....:(

Who will win in a fight David Tenant or undertaker?

The Undertaker

Who is going to win royal rumble 2009?

randy orton will win unfortunately

Who is going to win the elimination chamber?

Randy Orton will win the Elimination Chamber!!(: