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Q: Who will win Saints fc or Pompey fc?
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Who is better Southampton FC or Portsmouth FC?

I'd go for Saints on that one--pompey aren't doing that well at the moment and have sold all their good players, while saints have got tons better since last season

Which football club has the largest Pompey supporters club?

Pompey refers to Portsmouth FC and it is this team that has the largest Pompey supporters club. the club was bought by the Pompey Supporters Trust in 2013.

Why is Portsmouth fc called pompey?

Well, Portsmouth (the City) is known as Pompey, that why the Football club adopted the nickname

Who will win 49ers or saints?

The saints will definitely win!

Who is going to win out of Saints and Vikings?

I believe the saints will win. WHO DAT!!? GEAUX SAINTS I think the Saints will win in overtime 20-17! Go Saints!

Who will win the saints or the colts?

i think the saints are going to win

Where do the Saints FC play their home games?

Saints FC is a nickname for the British football club Southampton FC. This club is based in Southampton, Hampshire and plays their home games in the stadium there. This stadium is called St Mary's.

Who will win Raiders or Saints?


Who will the win Super Bowl on 2010?

Saints, and the saints did win by 2 touchdowns.. :)

What is the song played before Southampton fc matches?

when the saints go marching in. Saints is Southhampton's nickname.

What football team does Victoria Atkin support?

saints fc

Are saints better than pompey?

Not at present. Portsmouth beat 4-1 in their last meeting.

Can Everton FC win the league?


Will the colts or the saints win the super bowl?

The Saints.

Who will win colts or saints?

colts no saints in overtime

How many times has Chelsea fc win fc Barcelona?

2 they beat Barcelona

Who will win the Super Bowl saints or colts and what will the score be?

the saints are going to win the super bowl 35 to 31.

What is Liverpool fc mission statement?

To Win

Who will win the champions league in 2011?

FC Bayern Munich will win it this year.

Who fought with Caesar in a civil war in 49BC with?


Who does Caesar defeat that enables him to march triumphantly back into rome?


Who will win the FA cup?

Leeds United FC

When did arsenal fc win the uefa cup?


Who will win the ucl next season?

chelsea fc

Which major trophy did Liverpool fc win in 2006?

Liverpool FC won their seventh FA cup in 2006.