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Anderson verijio

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:45:56
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Q: Who will win 6th man of the year award?
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Who is the only Pistons to win the 6th Man of the Year Award?

Corliss Williamson

Did Jack London win the Man of the Year award?

Yes Jack London did win the Man of the Year award

What year did rain man win the Academy Award for best picture?

Rain Man came out in 1988, and won the Best Picture award in the ceremony that took place in 1989.

First man to win a novel laureate award in africa?

The first man to win a Nobel Laureate Award in Africa is Albert Sisulu in 1960.

What year did rain man win best picture award?

The movie came out in 1988, it won the Oscar in 1989.

Who was the first black man to win an award in sports?

Ernie Davis was the first black man to win the heisman trophy.

First man to win Grammy award?

Justin bieber

What year did Wintersleep win the Juno award?

The year that Wintersleep won the Juno award was the year 2008. The Juno award being won was significant because it is given to the best new artist of the year.

Did kaka win the player of the year award?


What year did Sojourner Truth win her award?


What year did Buckeye Chris Spielman win the Lombardi Award?


What award did lil boosie win at the 2008 ozone awards?

Club Banger of The Year Award

What year did Doctor Seuss win the pulitizer award?

he won it in the year 1984

What year did the golden goblet win the newberry honor award?

Year 1962

Did derrick rose win rookie of the year?

yes, derrick rose did win the 08-09 rookie of the year award

Did Sammy Sosa win a award?

Man i don't even know.

Who was the first black man to win a Emmy Award?

Harry Belafonte.

What award did hoot win?

"Hoot" won the Newbery Medal Honor Book Award in the year 2003.

Did Neil Armstrong win awards for being the first man on the moon?

Yes, Neil Armstrong did win an award for being the first man on the moon.

Did John Flanagan win any book awards?

He won a Book of the Year for Older Children award and a International Success of the Year award

Did Ray Allen win the Rookie of the Year Award?

No. Allen Iverson won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award for the 1996-97 season.

What awards did Sojourner Truth win?

litery of the year award

What major award did the old man win in a Christmas story?

A leg lampl

What year did private peaceful win the blue peter book of the year award?

The book Private peaceful won the Blue Peter award in 2005.

Who was the first white man to win the NBA MVP award?

That would be Bob Pettit, the first winner of the NBA MVP award.