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Dmitri Yachvili

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Morgan parra

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Q: Who will be the place kicker for french rugby team on Saturday?
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Who is the kicker for scotland rugby world cup 2011?

Chris Paterson

How do you say playing rugby in French?

To play rugby is 'jouer au rugby' in French.

Is izzy dagg a really really really really good kicker in rugby?

He really is.

How far back does a kicker have to go to kick a conversion in rugby?

as far back as he wants to

What is the name of Usa kicker for rugby world cup 2011?

Valenese Malifa and Chris Wyles.

The french word for rugby?

le rugby

How do you spell rugby in french?

we spell it "rugby"

When did french rugby become an international sport?

Rugby is an English sport, developed at Rugby School, also played by the French

When is rugby played?

on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday

What days are rugby played?

Rugby can and is played on any of the 7 days. However, the greater volume is a Saturday

When was French Rugby League Federation created?

French Rugby League Federation was created in 1934.

When was French Rugby League Championship created?

French Rugby League Championship was created in 1934.