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I got Crosby

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:44:04
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Q: Who will be the first pick in most NHL Fantasy Drafts?
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Where was Ray Allen picked in most fantasy drafts?

He was a mid second-round pick (16-20) in 12-team leagues.

What pick was lebron in the drafts?

He was the number one pick overall, by Cleveland, in 2003.

Who should I pick first in the fantasy baseball draft?

Jose Bautista

How do you get chris Johnson on fantasy draft in madden11?

Get the first pick of the draft

How do you find what draft pick you have fantasy football?

Need to work out what the question means first!

What is the order for fantasy football picks?

Most drafts use what is called a serpentine draft style, meaning the draft flips each round. So if you pick 1st in round 1, you would pick last in the next round, then begin the process again, picking 1st in the 3rd round, and last in the 4th rd. and so on and so on. Many of the major contests and big fantasy football sites use this format for their contests.

How do you set up your account in fantasy baseball to auotmatically pick players during the draft?

If you use Yahoo then all you have to do is edit your pre draft rankings and then if you don't want to draft yahoo drafts for you based on your pre rankings

How do you pick players in fantasy golf?

If you are going to be playing in a fantasy golf league and need to pick players, it is important to first research them. Learn their strengths and weaknesses as well as their previous records and choose who you think will perform best.

What is a sleeper pick?

A sleeper pick is a player that has the potential for a huge year relative to where he is picked in drafts. Usually the player is either unknown or a rookie.

Does basketball have drafts?

yes it does, just like football or hockey, there is a draft lottery that decides which team gets first pick and so on... then college players are drafted to the NBA

Is trading the first and 15th pick for the fourth and the eighth in a fantasy football league fair?

What kind of draft is it where you get the 1st and 15th pick and someone else has the 4th and 8th?

What is a member name in fantasy football?

Many people pick funny names for their fantasy football teams

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