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John Cena vs Batista Wrestle Mania 26.I would say John Cena, because I saw the whole elimination chamber. Batista doesn't have muscles and he uses steroids. John Cena could win in real life, but in fake WWE Batista would win
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โˆ™ 2011-06-24 05:26:25
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Q: Who will be the WWE champ at WrestleMania?
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Does Triple H win the championship?

of course he is the next wwe champ at wrestlemania 24

When will john ccena be WWE champion?

Right now - No idea. As of now CM Punk is the WWE champ. He retained his title in the Elimination Chamber Pay per view. He is scheduled to face Chris Jericho for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania. Cena has a match with the Rock at Wrestlemania. So, if at all Cena wins the title again, it will be after Wrestlemania

Was there a wrestlemania game?

Yes, there are multiple; Legends of Wrestlemania, WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game, Road to Wrestlemania, Road to Wrestlemania X8, Super WrestleMania, WWF WrestleMania 2000, WWE WrestleMania X8, WWE Wrestlemania XIX, WWF WrestleMania, and WWE WrestleMania 21.

Who will be WWE championship by WrestleMania 28?

It is too early to know who will be Champ at WM28 it can change hands several times in the next four months.

What year was the Australian of the year made?

At wrestlemania Fred the champ stem will beat the wwe champion Steve the scorpion lary for the wwe championship. the special guest referee will be Jim the $billionaire porter.

When did WWE WrestleMania XIX happen?

WWE WrestleMania XIX happened in 2003.

When did WWE Legends of WrestleMania happen?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania happened in 2009.

In 1990 who was WWE heavyweight champ?

hulk hogan was wwe champ in early 1990. He won the title at wrestlemania 5. at wrestlemania 6 (1990) he lost the title to the ultimate warrior. Warrior held the title until royal rumble 1991 where he lost it to sgt slaugter. Basically hulk hogan from January-April 1990 Ultimate Warrior April 1990-January 1991

Who is the current WWE cruiserwieght champ?

There is no cruiserweight champ

Who is the WWE cruiserweight champ?

The champ is HORNSWOGGLE There isn't one the WWE Cruiserweight championship is Vacant

When was WWE WrestleMania XIX created?

WWE WrestleMania XIX was created on 2003-09-08.

When was WWE Legends of WrestleMania created?

WWE Legends of WrestleMania was created on 2009-03-19.

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