Who will be on the Canadian 2014 Olympic team?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who will be on the Canadian 2014 Olympic team?
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Can US players be on Canadian Olympic team?

Yes, people that play for the NHL-USA can still play for the Canadian Olympic team. (Sydney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins/ Team Canada)

What Olympic Team did Wayne Gretzky Coach?

He didn't coach any team. He was the general manager of sorts and assembled both the 2002 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team and the 2006 Olympic Canadian men's ice hockey team.

Who are on the Canadian olympic eventing team?

The 2008 Canadian Olympic eventing team consisted of Kyle Carter, Sandra Donnelly, Selena O'Hanlon, Samantha Taylor, and Mike Winter.

How many athletes are on the 2008 Canadian Olympic team?

332 athletes

Is Tonya Verbeek wrestling at the 2014 Olympics?

Yes. She is on the 2014 Olympic team for Canada.

How many times have a women's Canadian hockey team won a Olympic gold?


Who were the 2012 olympic bobsled US team?

Summer Olympics do not have a bobsled team. That will be the 2014 Winter Olympics

Who was the captain of the Canadian olympic hockey team?

In the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver the Team Canada captain was veteran Scott Neidermayer

What is Ken Kotyk's position on Canada's olympic bobsleigh team?

Ken Kotyk's position is the Brakeman for the Canadian bobsleigh team.

How many people on the Netherlands 2014 Olympic team?

The Netherlands sent 41 athletes to the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Should the Canadian government support the Olympic team?

yes they should all be supported for the olympics

Why are they using a maple leaf for the Olympic games?

The Olympic team uses a red maple leaf to represent Canada, inspired by the Canadian flag.