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Hopefully,Blackburns Paul Ince, I realy want him to fail, just for the fact that (by the way I am not racist, two of my closest friends and my brother in-law are black) he has been complaining for a few years about there being no black managers in the top flight. If there was only black managers and no white managers in the premiership and a white man said that, he would be accused of being racist, for some reason it is ok for black people to come out with this comment but not white people. I totaly agree, I cant even name another black manager, if they are good enough they WOULD be premiership managers. All Paul Ince wants is to try and be the next England manager.

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Q: Who will be first premiership manager to be sacked or resign this season?
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Who was the first premiership manager to be sacked in 2008 SEASON?

Juande Ramos

Who was the First premiere league manager sacked in 2009 season?

paul hart Portsmouth

Who was the first premiership manager to be sacked in 1992?

Paul Hart (England) was the first coach sacked during the 2009-10 English Premier League season after the worst start in Portsmouth history, seven consecutive losses.He went on to coach Queens Park Rangers in December, but he left a month later and he joined Crystal Palace with one task to keep them in the Championship which he achieved on the final match day and he left the team.He is currently not coaching.

How many times was Peyton Manning sacked in the 2009 regular season?

In 2009, Peyton Manning was sacked 10 times in the regular season.

What is the highest number of managers sacked in a pemiership season?

The maximun number of managers sacked in one season was, nine in the 1994 - 95 season, these were as follows ;* Arsenal - Sacked George Graham after he admitted receiving illegal payments in relation to a transfer deal three years earlier, * Aston Villa - Sacked Ron Atkinson, * Coventry City - Sacked Phil Neal, * Crystal Palace - Sacked Alan Smith, after they were relegated that season, * Everton - Sacked Mike Walker, * Ipswich Town - John Lyall, * Manchester City - Sacked Brian Horton, * Sheffield Wednesday - Trevor Francis, * Tottenham Hotspur - Sacked Osvaldo Ardiles.

How many times did Ben Roethlisberger get sacked in 2009?

In 2011, Ben Roethlisberger was sacked 40 times.

How many weeks are there in the premiership season?

As there are 20 teams in the Premiership who play each other twice, a total of 380 games are played in each English Premiership football season. Each team will play a total of 38 Games over the season.

Who has been sacked the most in 2005?

David Carr of the Houston Texans, was sacked 68 times during the season. He was sacked about 4.5 times a game.

Will Nottingham Forest achieve promotion to the Premiership at the end of this season?

There is high possibility of Nottingham forest getting promotion to the premiership at the end of the season

When does the 2012 premiership season start?


How many times was Tom Brady sacked in 2006?

Tom Brady was sacked 26 times in the 2006 season

How old is the premiership league?

The Premiership started in the season 1992/3, so it is 17 years old.