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Chelsea played Aston Villa in their 2010 FA Cup Semi-final, winning 3 - 0.

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Q: Who will Chelsea face in their 2010 FA Cup semi-final?
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Date of the carling cup semi finals 2009?

06 Wed Carling Cup N Semifinal 1L20 Wed Carling Cup N Semifinal 2L06 January 2010 1L 20 January 2010 2L

Who won the 2010 FA cup final?


Is Spain still in the FIFA World Cup 2010?

Yes. Spain beat Germany 1:0 in the semifinal of the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Was the winner of the FA Cup in 2010?

Chelsea Football Club was the winner of the FA Cup in 2010.

Who win first t20 semifinal 2010?

England won 1st semifinal against Sri Lenka of T20 world cup 2010 and qualified 1st time in finals Australia and England will be seen in Finals.

Who won the 2010 fa cup?

Chelsea, they beat Portsmouth 1-0, completing the League and FA Cup double.

Who played in the 2010 FA cup final?

chelsea and portsmouth chelsea won 1-0

Who scored the winning goal in FA Cup 2010?

it hasen't been played yet ps.YOUR MUM

Who won the 2009-2010 FA Cup?

Chelsea or Portsmouth

Who is playing in f a cup final?

Chelsea and Portsmouth will be competing in the FA Cup final in 2010.

How many matched left for Chelsea to play?

Chelsea play Portsmouth on the 15/6/2010 in the F.A. Cup.

What werer fa cup winners in2010?

The English FA cup winners of the year 2010 were Chelsea.