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Only counting QBs who are no longer playing (fairer that way)--

Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns John Elway, Denver Broncos Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh Steelers Bart Starr, Green Bay Packers Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings Sid Luckman, Chicago Bears

doug flutie: patriots / B.C. Lions/ Calgary stampeders / Toronto argos / Buffalo Bills / San Diego Chargers

John Unitas Baltimore

Ken Stabler Oakland

Roger Staubach Dallas

Dan Fouts San Diego

Fran Tarkenton Minnesota / NY Giants

Dan Marino Miami

Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh

Joe Namath NY Jets

Sid Luckman Chicago

Benny Friedman NY Giants

George Blanda Oakland

John Elway Denver

Jim Kelly Buffalo

Top 5 - not in any order

1. Montana 2. Johnny U 3. Bradshaw 4. Bob Griese 5. Starr - despite his packer status

Next 5

6. Elway 7. Staubuch 8. Marino 9. Otto Graham 10. Joe Namath

Not in order Elway - Denver Marino - Miami Unitas - Baltimore Colts Montana - San Fran Young - Tampa Bay/San Fran Farve - Atlanta/Green Bay Nameth - New York Jets Benny Friedman - 1st true QB and One of the Best Kelly - Buffalo 10th is a tie for about 10 other QB's. You decide

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Q: Who were the top 10 quarterbacks of all time and who did they play for?
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