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Jim Hart was the starter in 1980. Neil Lomax joined the team in 1981 and took over from Hart as the starter and continued as the starter until the team left St. Louis after the 1987 season. Hart remained as a backup through the 1983 season. Other backup QBs for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1980s were Rusty Lisch, Doug Marsh, Scott Brunner, Cliff Stoudt, Sammy Garza, and Shawn Halloran.

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QBs that played in at least 1 game for the Cardinals in the 90s ...

1) 1990 - Timm Rosenbach

2) 1991 - Tom Tupa, Chris Chandler, Stan Gelbaugh

3) 1992 - Chris Chandler, Timm Rosenbach, Tony Sacca

4) 1993 - Steve Beuerlein, Chris Chandler

5) 1994 - Steve Beuerlein, Jay Schroeder, Jim McMahon

6) 1995 - Dave Kreig, Mike Buck, Stoney Case

7) 1996 - Boomer Esiason, Kent Graham

8) 1997 - Jake Plummer, Kent Graham, Stoney Case

9) 1998 - Jake Plummer, Dave Brown

10) 1999 - Jake Plummer, Dave Brown, Chris Greisen

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Q: Who were the quarterbacks for the Arizona Cardinals in the 1990's?
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