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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

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Q: Who were the players that changed the rules in basketball to make the game fair?
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Why specific rules of basketball have been implemented?

It was important to implement specific rules for basketball in order for the game to be fair. The rules make the game universal no matter where the team is from. Also, they make it easier for players to understand what is expected of them.

How have the basic rules or guidelines for participating in soccer changed over time?

the basic rules are dont pick up the bal with your hands and no hard physical contact with other players have good sportsmanship and play fair

In basketball what are the Responsibilities of officials?

to keep the players safe, call fouls, and keep the game fair

What does a football official do?

to ensure that all of the players, coaches, and spectators involved in a game are being fair and following the rules.

Why do you need to follow correctly the rulesof the game scrabble?

The rules of the game need to be followed to be fair to all of the players.

What is the proper definition of fair play?

According to the MacMillan Dictionary, "fair play" is a noun that refers to the behavior of players who follow the rules of the game and do not cheat. It can also refer to behavior that is fair and honest.

What are the roles of the referees in Basketball?

ref the game They also make sure players don't make any mistakes and everyone plays fair.

What were fair rules for a gang fight What did fair mean How were the rules established?

a fair fight means only fists no weapons, by time and common sense is how the rules were established

You must make 3 shots in a row to win the fair's basketball game The hoop is uneven and the backboard curved Only 5 players out of 100 win the game What percentage of players do not win?


Why do rules exist?

why doese rules exist

Why was the NFL invented?

The NFL was invented because people wanted a game and a league with rules saying they could hurt people.They also wanted a fair game that rules could be changed.

Does a missed shot due to a foul count against a players shot percentage in basketball?

No, the thought being that the foul did not allow the player to have a fair attempt at making the shot.

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