Who were the past pinch hitters for the New York Mets?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who were the past pinch hitters for the New York Mets?
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What was the name of a all the Major League baseball teams that has played in New York in the past?

New York GiantsBrooklyn DodgersNew York YankeesNew York Mets

What Major League baseball teams played for New York state in the past other than the Yankees and the Mets?

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What professional baseball team played for new york state in the past other than the yeankees and the mets?

Giants and Dodgers

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When the Philadelphia Phillies are playing in New York, they stay at the Parker Meridian Hotel. It is located in midtown in Manhattan.

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The Mets have struggled over the past few years but they have a lot of potential for the 2012 season if they resign Jose Reyes. The Mets will be contenders if not next year than the year after, ill guarantee you.

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