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The first international team to win a world championship of Football was Uruguay. Uruguay won the World Cup in 1930. The World Cup has qualifying matches before a team earns their way into the tournament.

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Q: Who were the first international team to win a world championship of Football?
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Does Cyprus have an international football team?

Simply, YES. They are currently ranked 58th in the World by Fifa. They have never made it to the World Cup or European Championship.

What has the author Bernard Joy written?

Bernard Joy has written: 'World Cup Football Championship, 1966' -- subject(s): World Cup (Football championship), World Cup (Football championship) (1966 : England) 'Soccer tactics'

When was the first formula one race?

The first championship race was held in 1950 at Silverstone. This was not the first race held to be held under (International) Formula 1 rules technically but it was the first world championship race.

The first international softball federation women's world championship?

1965 held in Melbourne Aust. Winners were Australia

When did the world cup take place?

The 1930 FIFA World Cup was the inaugural world championship for international association football teams - the FIFA World Cup. It was played in Uruguay from 13 July to 30 July.

What has the author Hugh McIlvanney written?

Hugh McIlvanney has written: 'McIlvanney on Football (Mainstream Sport)' 'World Cup '66' -- subject(s): World Cup (Football championship), World Cup (Football championship) (1966 : England)

Where is football World Cup in 2010?

2010 World cup football championship is being played in South Africa

Which is the oldest football championship in the world?

English Premier League.

Who are some former World Cup winners?

The World Cup is an international soccer or "football" championship. Some former winners of the World cup are Brazil who has the most titles of 5 and the most recent winner is Spain.

How many internaional football teams are in the world?

how many international football teams are in the world

What was the first football tournament that Pele played in?

Pele played his first international football tournament in the 1958 World Cup at the age of 17. At the time he was the youngest player to ever play in the World Cup.

What country ranks first in soccer?

Spain is currently ranked as the best international football team in the world.