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Italy was the first European country to win the world cup.

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Q: Who were the first European team to win the FIFA World Cup?
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Which team was the first to win the fifa world cup?

Uruguay 1930 was the first team

For the FIFA World Cup which team is ranked first in the world?


Which European team has won the FIFA World Cup the most times?


When was the FIFA World Cup started?

The first FIFA World Cup was in 1930, in Uruguay. The home team took the trophy

Which is the first team to get out of FIFA World Cup 2010?


What European team won the world cup 3 times or more?

Italy won the FIFA World Cup 4 times. Germany won the FIFA World Cup 3 times.

What team made their first appearance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Bosnia and Herzegovina made their debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Who was the first team to win the FIFA world cup?

The 1930 world cup was won by Uruguay.

Where are celticfc in the FIFA rankings?

celticfc are first in the fifa rankings as they are clearly the best team in the world they are just simply amazing

Which was the first African team to qualify for the playoffs of the FIFA world cup?


What countries is the best world soccer team and why?

Italy are the current World Champions, they won the 2006 World Cup. Spain are the current European Champions, they won the 2008 European Championships and are currently the number 1 football team in the official FIFA world rankings.

Which was the first team to not score in the world cup final?

Argentina in 1990 fifa world cup final

What is the first team to win a match in 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Korea Republic.

Which team won the very first fifa world cup?

The winner was Uruguay in 1930.

When did the Israel national football team play for the first time in the European Football Qualifiers?

Israel National Football Team, earlier known as Eretz Israel National Team, became a member of the Union of European Football Associations in 1994. Before this the team had competed in the Asian Football Confederation, Oceania Football Confederation and in the FIFA world Cup.

How many times have non European team won FIFA world cup played in Europe?

Brazil won the world cup in 1958 played in Sweden.

Is Manchester city the best team in FIFA 12?

The best rated team in FIFA 12 is World XI, which is a team with the best rated eleven people in the world.

What is the importance of the FIFA World Cup?

the importance of the FIFA World Cup is to see who the best soccer team in the world is

Was there a European team that won the world cup 3 times or more Coz if there wasn't i cant answer this question i have please answer soon?

Italy won the FIFA World Cup 4 times. Germany won the FIFA World Cup 3 times.

What was the first football team from asia joined fifa world cup 2000 in brazil?


Which team has been out at first from 1st round of FIFA world cup foodball-2010?

It is France.

Which team was out from the fifa world cup after 20 years first time?

I think it was New Zealand.

Who scored first goal in fifa soccer world cup from Saudi team?

Fouad anwar

When did the Saudi national football team first participated in FIFA soccer world cup?


Who is the best team in FIFA 2010 world cup in Africa?

Brazil is the number 1 FIFA ranking team.

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