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Tottenham, winners of the 1963 Cup Winners' Cup.

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Q: Can you Name the first British soccer team to win a European Competition?
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First British team in European cup?

the first team to play in a European competition that was british was Hibernian

Who scored the first goal on British soil in European competition?

Sergio Ramos

Who were the first british football club to play in European competition?

hibernian fc

Which soccer team was the first winner of a European trophy?

Tottenham Hotspur was the first British team to win an European competition when they won the now defunct UEFA European Cup Winners' Cup in 1963. they beat the Spanish side, Atletico Madrid 5-1 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

When did Italian soccer first become a national competition?


Who was the first WWE European champion?

The first WWE European Champion was The British Bulldog.

Who won the first European Soccer Championship in 1960?


Which country was the first to introduce soccer on the European continent?

Switzerland was the first to introduce association football (soccer) to continental Europe.

How did soccer become the country of Mexico's sport?

It was introduced to the Mexican people by British immigrants at the end of the 19th century; it became especially popular in central Mexico, where several British-owned factories and businesses brought British connationals as specialists.By 1898 the first soccer club was founded (known as the Orizaba Athletic Club) and by 1902 the first national football (soccer) competition was held. By 1907, Sir Reginald Tower (British ambassador to Mexico) donated a trophy in order to establish the Copa Mexico, consolidating the first national soccer league in Mexico.

Who was the first soccer transfer to a European club?

If you are refering to a British transfer then I beleve it was Jimmy Greaves A.C. Milan in 1961 for the massive purse of 100,000 pounds.

Who was first European to come to Ghana?

it was the british people did that first

First british football team to win European cup?

Celtic F.C. were the first British club to win the European cup in 1967

Who was the first team to go out of a European competition on the away goal rule?


Which English football team where the first to play in a European competition?

Manchester United in the European Club Champions Cup.

Who was the first ever WWE European Champion?

The first ever WWE European Champion was The British Bulldog

Who were the first British winners of the European cup?


Who was the first British soccer goalkeeper to wear gloves?

Peter shilton

What happened on the 25th of may 1967?

Celtic defeated Internazionale 2-1 to win the 1967 European Cup Final, thus becoming the first British team to win the competition

Who was the first female soccer player in history?

There really is no first female individual who played professional soccer. However, the very first female league for soccer was the British Ladies Football Club.

First british team to win the European cup?


Which European country was the first to play ice hockey?


When did girls soccer come to the Olympics?

The first women's football Olympic competition was at the 1996 Games in Atlanta.

Who were the first british football team to win the European cup?


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First indo-european language to arrive on the british isles?