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Brazil and Germany. Brazil won.

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Q: Who were the 2002 World Cup finalists?
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Who were finalists in 2002 cup finals?

The 2002 finalists were Brazil and Germany.

What is one of the semi-finalists in the 2002 World Cup?

Germany, Korea Republic, Brazil, and Turkey

Who were the losing semi-finalists of the 2002 world cup?

South Korea and Turkey are the losing semi-finalists of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. South Korea lost to Germany in the first semi-final. Turkey lost to Brazil in the second semi-final.

What happened in the 2002 World Cup?

Brazil and Germany were the two finalists and Brazil won 2-0.

Who were FIFA World Cup 2010 finalists?

The F.i.f.A 2010 world cup finalists were Spain and Holland, Spain was victorious.

Who are the finalists of the 2002 FIFA World Cup?

The final match of the 2002 FIFA World Cup was played between Germany and Brazil. Brazil won the match. This was Brazil's fifth World Cup title. Germany 0 - 2 Brazil

Who are quarter finalists of 2002 world cup?

They were Brazil, South Korea, Turkey , Germany, Italy, Holland, Portugal Argentina.

Who were the finalists in the 2006 world cup?

France and Italy.

When did the world cup change to 32 finalists?


World Cup semi-finalists?

It was Germany and Uruguay.

In 1950 world cup who were the finalists?

Uruguay and Brazil.

Who lost the world cup finalists in 1974 and 1978?