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106: Paul Gonzales, U.S Olympian, Alternate with Israel Acosta of Milwaukee

112: Steve McCrory, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Bernard Price of Muncie, IN

119: Robert Shannon, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Floyd Favors of Capitol Heights, MD

125: Meldrick Taylor, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Andrew Minsker of Milwaukie, OR

132: Pernell Whitaker, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Joey Belinc of Everette, WA

139: Jerry Page, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Tim Rabon of Broussard, LA

147: Mark Breland, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Louis Howard of St. Louis, MO

156: Frank Tate, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Ron Essett of Indianapolis, IN

165: Virgil Hill, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Michael Nunn of Davenport, IA

178: Evander Holyfield, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Rickey Womack of Detroit

201: Henry Tillman, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Mike Tyson of Catskill, NY

201+: Tyrell Biggs, U.S. Olympian, Alternate was Craig Payne of Livonia, MI

The alternates likely would have won multiple golds as well. Both Favors and Womack were reigning world amateur champs who didn't make the team and Tyson and Nunn were both future professional world champions. Furthermore, Belinc, Rabon and Payne all scored wins over their counterparts either at the Trials or Box-Offs (as did Womack and Nunn). Overall, an impressive group of alternates.

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Q: Who were the 1984 us olympic boxing team trainers?
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