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Robbie Alomar

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Q: Who were some famous baseball players that wore number 12?
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Who were some famous baseball players who wore number 15?

Thurman Munson

Who are some famous women baseball players?

bath Ruth was one famous baseball player the first famous

Who are some of the famous women baseball players?

merty elrod

Who are the most famous baseball players who have ever played for Baltimore Orioles?

The baseball team called the Baltimore Orioles has had many famous players on their roster. Some of the most famous Orioles baseball players are Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, and Brooks Robinson.

Who are some famous baseball players from the Caribbean?

alex rodreguiz, maggiolo Ordonez

What are some famous baseball players?

Babe Ruth ,Reggie Jackson and more

Famous soccer players who wore number 5?

Here are some famous soccer players who wore number 5:Puyol of BarcelonaZidane of Real MadridFerdinand of Manchester United

Who were some famous basketball players who wore number 5?

Kevin Garnett

Who are some famous basketball players who wore number 25?

Robert Horry

Who are some famous hispanic basketball players?

one famous hispanic baseball player is Alex Carrasquel. He is from Venenzuela.

Who are some famous baseball players in Nicaragua?

Dennis Martinez, Marvin Bernard and Vicente Padilla are the most famous.

Are there famous people that live in Alaska?

Lots, like singer Jewel, some basketball players, baseball players, actors

What famous players wore number 12?

There were many famous basketball players who wore number 12. Some of those players were Toby Bailey, Jim Barnes, John Barnhill, Drew Barry, and Josh Powell.

Who are some baseball players with number 23?

Rickie Weeks on the Milwaukee Brewers

What are some famous football Players with the number 4?

Bret Farve Green Bay Packers

Famous MLB players who wore 52?

Some famous baseball players who wore or wear 52 are C.C. Sabathia and Yoenis Cespedes. There's Nother I think but I'm not sure.

What famous soccer players wear the number 10?

Some famous players are Maradona, Gulitt, enzo Scifo, Gary linekar, rivaldo, Pele , rai, , Ronoldhino., Valderrama.

Who are some famous NFL players that wore the jersey number 42?

Ronnie Lott wore # 42

What famous sports players wear number 3?

The most popular would be Dwyane Wade. There are dozens of players that wear number three, though. Shareef-Abdur Rahim is an example, and some people may count him as famous.

What football players wore 45?

There are some famous numbers in the history of football. Some are known for the number, others are known for the players who have worn them. The number 45 has been worn by Bob Gibson among others.

What were some famous flute players?

Liberace and Elton John are the most famous skin flute players

Who were some famous basketball players that wore number 3?

Allen Iverson, Rex Chapman, Dennis Johnson

Who are some famous football players who wore number 92?

Several players include Reggie White, Michael Strahan, James Harrison and Haloti Ngata.

Who are some famous harpsichord players?

Some of the most famous harpsichord players in time are Scott Ross, Skip Sempe, Rosana Lanzelotte, etc.

Who wears jersey number 10 in the NBA?

There have been 246 players who have worn the number 10 in the NBA and ABA. Some famous retired players are Tiny Archibald, BJ Armstrong, and Maurice Cheeks. Some current players who wear the number 10 are Leandro Barbosa, Mike Bibby, and Demar DeRozan.