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Mr and Mrs Ali

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Q: Who were muhammed Ali's parents?
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What was muhammed alis real name?

Casious Clay

What is muhammed alis real name?

Cassius clay

What are some of muhammed alis achievements?

2 golden gloves

What is Laila Ali famous for?

Laila Ali is famous for her boxing also for bein an entrepreuner and doing her own thing also for being Muhammed alis daughter.

What does alis mean?

Alis could refer to alis Greece or alis district in Peru.

What has the author Idris N Muhammed written?

Idris N. Muhammed has written: 'Parents teachers association and challenges of the austere period' -- subject(s): Parents' and teachers' associations

Who looked after prophet muhammed when his parents died?

The brother of his father

What was Prophet Mohammed's Meternal Parents Names?

Prophet Muhammed's maternal parents names are Abdullah and Amina

Are Muhammad alis parents dead?

Cassius Clay SR died in 1990, and Odessa passed away in 1994.

What was Muhammad alis childhood like?

Not much happened in his childhood, his parents were alcoholics so he couldn`t do muc at all.

When was Alis Vidūnas born?

Alis Vidūnas was born in 1934.

When was Alis Lesley born?

Alis Lesley was born in 1938.

When was Alis Guggenheim born?

Alis Guggenheim was born in 1896.

When did Alis Guggenheim die?

Alis Guggenheim died in 1958.

Who were Muhammad's parents?

Prophet Muhammed's (PBUH) parents name were: His father's name was Hazrat Abullah and his mother's name was Hazrat Aminah.

When was Alis Baci born?

Alis Baci was born on 1991-02-08.

What are Katrina Kaif's parents names?

father's name is Muhammed Kaif and her mother's name is Suzanne

How old was the prophet Muhammed when his parents died?

he was 6 years when his mother died. but his father died before his death.

What are names of iqbal's parents?

The parents of Muhammed Zafar Iqbal are named Faizur Rahman and Ayesha. Iqbal is famous for his science fiction stories and children's books.

What was the prophet muhammed's parents called?

his father name : Abdallah & his mother : Amna

Who is Mohammad Alis boxing daughter?

Moammad Alis daughter, the boxing champion is named Laila Ali

Ano ang pang alis sa tigyawat?

Ano ang pag alis sa tigyawat

What was Muhammad Alis favorite food?

what is Muhammad alis favorite food

Did Eddie vanhalen get remarried?

yes, he married Alis van Han yes, he married Alis van Han

How did Muhammad alis parents influenced him in to boxing?

When Ali was 12 years old, he was being bullied. His mother encouraged him to take up boxing to learn to defend himself. He was a natural at it.