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The answer to this and all the rest of the stats can be found at the Kentucky Derby's website.

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Q: Who were last two horses to run in the Kentucky Derby undefeated at entry?
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What is the Kentucky Derby Entry Fee?


When is the 2012 Kentucky Derby draw?

The Kentucky Derby post position draw - a tradition "pill pull" in which horses' entry blanks are pulled simultaneously with a numbered pill to determine what stall a horse will break from the starting gate - will be held at Churchill Downs on Wednesday, May 2, at 5 p.m. ET (Live on NBC Sports Network).

Did former Jockey Bill Shoemaker have an entry in any Kentucky Derby races after becoming a Trainer and if so who was it?

dont think so

What post position did Angle Light have in the 1973 Kentucky Derby?

Angle Light was coupled as an entry with Secretariat in the 1973 Kentucky Derby. He wore the number 1 saddlecloth but broke for the number 2 post position. Secretariat wore the 1A saddlecloth and broke from the # 10 hole.

What are the Kentucky Derby entry requirements?

1) Entry must be a three-year-old Thoroughbred. 2) Entry must be among the top twenty three-year-olds nominated, in graded stakes earnings. 3) Entry must be nominated (entry fee paid) by published deadlines.

What does it cost to enter a Horse in the KY Derby?

The fees associated with the 2005 Triple Crown.... $600 early nomination fee $6000 late nomination fee $150,000 supplemental Kentucky Derby entry fee $100,000 supplemental Preakness and Belmont nomination fee $15,000 to enter $15,000 to start So you're looking at a price range between $30,600 and $180,000. Of course, this is all assuming your horse has enough stakes earnings to make the field. The field is limited to 20 horses, and as of February 1, 2008, there are 488 nominations already. The top 20 horses by stakes earnings are allowed to enter the Kentucky Derby.

Who was the 1995 Kentucky Derby favorite?

That was the entry of Timber Country and Serena's Song at 7-2. Serena's Song led most of the race but tired badly at the quarter pole and finished 16th. Timber Country finished strongly to wind up 3rd. The winner, Thunder Gulch, went off at 25-1. Click on the '1995 Kentucky Derby' link below to watch a video of the race.

What races are there for three year old thoroughbreds?

Races for 3 year old thoroughbreds are restricted by entry conditions "for 3 year olds". The Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont) are the most commonly known races for 3 year olds.

How much does the horse owner get in Kentucky Derby 1st place win?

For Derby #135 (May 2, 2009) the owner gets the money, but will be contractually to pay the trainer and jockey a certain fee (usually between 10% or 15% of the purse.) From the courier journal: If all 20 horses start in Saturday's Kentucky Derby (Derby #135, May 2, 2009,) the total purse will be $2,210,000, with $1,450,000 to the winner. That ranks third all-time. The record purse came in 2005 - the first year Churchill guaranteed a purse at least $2 million. Giacomo netted $1,639,600 of the $2,399,600 purse that year, which included a $200,000 supplementary entry fee owner B. Wayne Hughes put up to make 11th-place Greeley's Galaxy eligible to run. Last year's purse was $2,213,200, with Barbaro earning $1,453,200. Of the Derbypurse, $1.11 million comes from fees paid by horse owners in early and late nominations to the Triple Crown, as well as the $25,000 entry fee and $25,000 starting paid for each horse who actually competes in the race.

What do you call the group of horses lumped together for betting purposes?

it is called a parimutual entry

What is the salary of a game warden in kentucky?

Starting pay 24,xxx for new recruit. 32,xxx mid point for entry level. More info is listed at Kentucky Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

Who was secretariats entry mate in 1973 KY derby?

Angle Light, owned by Roger Whitaker. Angle Light won the Wood Memorial over Sham and Secretariat in a major upset.

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Is there a corelation between horses numbers and post positions?

Yes, in most cases they are the same. However, sometimes there is an 'entry' of 2 horses with the same trainer/owner that are entered as a single betting interest. In that case, the horse number won't be exactly the same as the post position.

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