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i know curlin was undeafeated going into the triple crown....... the last 2 winners to go into the triple crwon undefeated were barbaro and smarty Jones if that helps :)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:32:01
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Q: Who were last two Horses to run in the Kentucky Derby that were undefeated going into the race?
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Kentucky is famous for racehorses because, since about 1874 and excluding only a few war years, the Kentucky Derby has been held at Churchill Downs. If you didn't know, this years winner is Mine That Bird. Anyways, this is the LONGEST going American race. That's why.

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Do women need to wear a hat to the Kentucky Derby?

A woman is not going to be denied admission to Churchill Downs for not wearing head dress for the Derby, but it one of the more beautiful traditions of Derby Day. The Derby brings all sorts of people together--from the ultra rich in private boxes to drunken locals and college kids in the infield, so hat or not hat, everyone fits in at the Derby!

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If you're only going to be in town for a little while, try to do the things that sound the most fun 1st. If you're anywhere near Louisville you should try going to the Louisville Science center. You could also try Mammoth Cave. The best time to come is during the Kentucky Derby which is usually April 30th-May 1st. Another Thing that only comes at a certain time of the year is the Kentucky State Fair which is also a lot of fun. Hope this was helpful. Have Fun In Kentucky!

What is the name of a famous derby winner from Kentucky?

Well I would start off as I'm well known to be from Kentucky, so I'm going to tell you that his name is Ben D. Dover or some people call him Bend datass over. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

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