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Palo maldini wore it , but he has retired now.

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Ashley Cole currently wears the number 3 shirt at Chelsea.

As of July 20, 2010.

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Q: Who wears the number 3 shirt at Chelsea?
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Which Celtic football player wears number 3 shirt?

lee naylor

What shirt number is Ashley cole?

When he plays for Chelsea it is 3,and when he plays for England it is 3 as well! Bye!

Who wears number 3 for Tottenham Hotspur?

Players that have worn the number 11 for Tottenham Hotspur include ;Gareth BaleRafael van der Vaart

Who wears shirt No 3 in Manchester United?

Patrice Evra

What is Dwyane Wade's number?

Dwyane Wade wears number 3.

Who wears number 3 for the Denver Broncos?

Currently, there is no player that wears #3 for the Broncos.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 3?

Patrice Evra wears jersey number 3 for mancunian republic.

Who wears jersey number 3 in ravens?

as of now their is not a number 3

What soccer player wears number 3?

Normally the left back or full back wears number 3. He is normally left footed.