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Michel Salgado

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Q: Who wears the number 2 jersey in the soccer team Real Madrid?
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Who wears number 8 for real Madrid?

The number 10 jersey worn in Real Madrid today is Ronaldo.

What is the jersey number of football player ronaldo?

Ronaldo wears jersey number 9 at Real Madrid.

What US soccer player wears the number eights jersey?

Clint Dempsey.

Who has the soccer jersey 70 in soccer?

Robhino wears number 70 for his club team A.C. Milan... He is a brazilian soccer player

Raul gonsalis franciscon c rono?

Raul is the Real Madrid and Spains striker , he wears jersey number 9 at Real madrid.

Who wears the number 8 jersey for the Australian soccer team?

It could be Tim Cahil.

Real Madrid No7 in history?

Raul and now Christiano Ronaldo wears the number 7 jersey.

Who wears a sports jersey number fifteen in soccer?

Nemanja Vidic and Peter Crouch (when he was on Liverpool)

What number is Cristiano Ronaldo in real Madrid?

Christiano Ronaldo wears jersey number 9.

Which Colombian soccer player wears number 10?

The famous Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama wore the jersey number 10.

Who wears number 17 for real Madrid?

alvaro arbeloa wears the no.17 shirt for Real Madrid

What famous soccer player wears number 07 on a spanish team?

Cristiano Ronaldo used to be #9 but changed to #7 with Real Madrid.