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Currently, wide receiver Antonio Brown wears #84 for the Steelers.

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Q: Who wears number 84 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?
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What is Antonio Brown's number on the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Antonio Brown is number 84 on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who wore number 84 on the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2000 to 2008?

Dezmond Sherrod wore number 84 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008. There were no Steelers wearing that number from 2000-2007.

Who wears number 84 for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team?

As of September 2016, #84 on the Pittsburgh Steelers team is assigned to Antonio Brown (WR). Antonio is a likely Hall-of-Fame candidate with many records and accomplishments in his years in the NFL.

Who has worn number 59 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, backup linebacker Stevenson Sylvester wears number 55 for the Steelers. From 2008-2009, backup linebacker Patrick Bailey wore the number. Joey Porter was the last Steelers starting linebacker to wear number 55. He wore it from 1999-2006.

Who wears number 84 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Currently, wide receiver DeMarco Sampson wears #84 for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Who wears the number 84 in the nfl?

Jermaine Gresham for the Bengals

Who has worn number 94 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn number 94 for the Pittsburgh Steelers: * Lawrence Timmons (07) * Chad Brown (93-96, 06) * Andre Frazier (05) * Rodney Bailey (01-03) * Jeremy Staat (98-00) * Jeff Brady (91) * Albert Williams (87) * Terry Echols (84) * Dick Murley (56)

Who wears number 84 for the maple leafs?

Mikhail Grabovski

Who was the starting quarterback for the 1984 Pittsburgh Steelers?

David Woodley and Mark Malone both started games for the Steelers in '84. The former started earlier ones and the latter came on later in the season. You'll find a link below.

Who has worn number 10 for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1970?

Roy Gerela (71-78)Scott Campbell (84-86)John Bruno (87r)Kordell Stewart (95-02)Santonio Holmes (06-09)Dennis Dixon (2010)

Who has worn number 58 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Jesse Quatse (34)Eberle Schultz (42)Joe Gasparella (48,51)Lionel Reed (56)Leroy Reed (58)Gary Ballman (62)John Rowser (70-73)David Little (81)A.J. Ofodile (95)Matt Cushing (00-04)

What year did the Pittsburgh Penguins have a black player?