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Q: Who wears number 4 for England?
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What number does Steven Gerrard wear for England?

he wears number 4

Who plays at number 4 in the England world cup team?

Steven Gerrard the captain of England wears the jersey number 4.

Who wears the number 11 shirt for england?

Ashley Young wears the number 11 shirt for England

What number is steven gerrards football top?

He wears 8 for Liverpool and 4 for England.

What number does Rooney wear for England?

Rooney wears number 10- England

What number shirt does Wayne Rooney wear for England?

He wears number 10 for England.

Who wears number 9 in England?

Andy Carroll

Who wears number 11 for England?

Ashley young.

What is Roonys shirt number for England?

Rooney wears number 10.

What England player wears number 9 in rugby for England?

Danny Care

Who is number nine in the England football team?

Peter Crouch wears the number 9 jersey for England

Who wears number 3 in soccer?

Ashley Cole - England

What number does Frank Lampard wears?

8 for Chelsea and England

Which England players wears number 19?

It is Brandon Tate from New England Patriots

Who wears number 18 for the New England Patriots?

Currently, wide receiver Matthew Slater wears #18 for the New England Patriots.

Who wears Mancunian republic jersey number 4?

Phile Jones wears jersey number 4 for mancunian republic.

Who wears number 70 on the New England Patriots football team?

Logan Mankins, the team's starting Left Guard, wears number 70 for the current New England Patriots.

Who wears number 4 shirt for Manchester United?

Owen Hargreaves currently wears the Number 4 Shirt at Manchester United.

Who wears England number 6 football shirt?

John Terry

Who wears number 23 in England?

for the world cup joe hart

Who wears the number 10 shirt for England?

Wayne Rooney obviously....

Who wears number 9 for England football team?

peter crouch

Who wears sqaud number 10 for England?

number 10 is roony by reece luvs charlotte alot hope i stay wif u 4 Eva

Who wears number 4 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, quarterback Byron Leftwich wears #4 for the Steelers.

What number does Steven Gerrard wear for England in 2010 world cup?

he wears number 6 for the England world cup 2010