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Marcus Camby

but he got traded

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โˆ™ 2009-11-29 05:56:50
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Q: Who wears number 21 on there jersey on the nuggets?
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Who wears jersey number 21 in football?

Fortmann, Friedman, Sanders and Thorpe have worn jersey #21 in football.

What Detroit Lions wore number 21?

Eric Wright currently wears the #21 jersey.

What football player wears a number 21 football jersey?

LaDainian Tomlinson

Kevin Garnett wears what number jersey?

When he was a timberwolf he was #21. Now he is #5 with the celtics.

Who wears the number 21 in soccer?

christian ronaldo wears the number 21!!

What famous soccer players wear number 21?

The Russian born Andrei Arshavin wears number 21 jersey for Arsenal. Phillip Lahm, captain of Bayern Munich also wears 21. David Silva, ace of Manchester City also wears 21. Brazilian Correia Adriano is number 21 of Barcelona

What is Wilson Chandler's number on the Denver Nuggets?

Wilson Chandler is number 21 on the Denver Nuggets.

Which international soccer player wears the number 21?

christiano ronaldo wears the number 21

Who wears number 21 on the arsenal football team?

Lucasz Fabianski wears the number 21 on his shirt

Who wears number 21 on the New York Yankees?

Currently, no player on the Yankees wears number 21.

Who wears number 21 in the AFL?

Corey Jones wears No. 21 for North Melbourne Football Club Cameron Mooney wears number 21 for Geelong. Jason Akermanis wears No. 21 for the Western Bulldogs. Quinten Lynch wears number 21 for the West coast Eagles. Daniel Merrit wears No. 21 for Brisbane. GO LIONS

What is Kevin garnett jersey now?

Kevin Garnett wears the number 5 for the Boston Celtics. Before that he wore number 21 for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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