Who wears fake Jordan shoes?

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kamil hollingsworth

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Q: Who wears fake Jordan shoes?
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Are the shoes Jordan Flight 9 real or not?


Are Famous Foot Wears Adidas shoes fake?

No, they aren't.

What of shoes does ray Allen wear?

he wears the jordan icons

How can you tell if Jordan's are fake?

how can you tell if Jordan shoes are fake or not?? MOST FAKE HAVE SQUARED TOE AS WHERE REAL ONES HAVE MORE OF A ROUNDISH TOE.

Are Jordan shoes from china fake?

some jordans are made in china so NO they are not fake

Where can one find out what shoes Allen Iverson wears?

Allen Iverson wears Reebok shoes. Allen Iverson is the signature of Reebok, similar to how Michael Jordan was the signature for Nike shoes, so naturally he wears Reebok.

What shoes does Michael Jordan wear to play basketball?

He wears nikes to play basketball

How can you tell if a website sells fake shoes?

you can tell mostly by the prices. for example if you are looking for a pair of Jordan's and the website advertises the shoes for $60 they are fake . and the shoes, know what the shoes realistically look like.

Is jordanmylovecom a fake Air Jordan website?

Yes, the website "" is a fake website. The shoes are not guaranteed to be authentic if you purchase from this site.

What kind of shoes does DJ Pauly d wear?

pauly d wears all kinds of shoes nike adidas jordan converse and much more

Is it illegal to wear fake shoes in Europe?

by fake shoes do you mean shoes that aren't really shoes, or shoes that are fake brands? if you mean shoes that aren't really shoes, then no it is not illegal and if you mean shoes that are fake brands, no again

What kind of shoes should Kayla's wear?

I do not know what certain shoes she wears as there are many different shoes in her wardrob. But she must have a pair of Nike Air Jordan with signature as many famous star do

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