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People riding dirt bikes.

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2009-01-26 05:16:32
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Q: Who wears dirt bike bike boots?
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What are dirt bike boots good for?

They are made for 1 thing, protecting your feet while riding a dirt bike.

Do you need dirt bike boots?

Yes, if you like your toes, ankles and shins.

How can you break in dirt bike boots?

Wear them alot or put them under your matress and sleep on them.

What are dirt bike boots?

Dirt bike boots are the second (helmet is first) most important piece of protection you will wear. Motocross boots protect your shins, toes and ankles. Most dirt bike boots will have hard plastic shields in these areas. Motocross boots also have a steel plate or rigid plastic that curves up over the front of the boot to protect your toes. These guards will save your feet and lower legs from impacts from rocks, roots, and other bikes.

Where can one purchase dirt bike boots?

Boots made for riding dirt bikes or MotorCross boots can be purchases at stores that specialize in motorcycle apparel and gear. These include online sites like dirtbikersden and btosports.

Why wear dirt bike boots?

Dirt bike boots are made specifically for riding off road. They are not good or comfortable for anything else, but they offer superior protection for your lower leg, ankles, feet and can also stop from getting burnt

Do mens dirt biking boots run about the same as street size?

Yes, most shoes/boots are sized the same way, sometimes boots are more specific with width sizing though, so men's dirt bike boots may be sized like that as well.

Are dirt bike boots better than just working boots for riding a dirt bike?

Yes, they offer much more protection. They've got a hard outer shell and steel plates in front of the toe. My son wore leather working boots and had an accident and lost a toe, it just ripped through the working boots. Stick with the dirt bike boots. yocrazyy's answer: I myself am also a motor cross rider. Just a few days ago i was riding and my left foot bent backwards because I was riding a trail bike over jumps and hit a rock. thank god that Ive always worn my riding boots and not any kind of working boots. Even though work boots have steel toe the boot doesn't cover the shin. this gives the boot more strength if it were to bend like mine had. Answer is if you wear work boots while riding a motorcross bike you are an idiot.

Timeline of a dirt bike?

timeline of a dirt bike

What is the difference between ATV riding boots and dirt bike riding boots?

I don't believe there is a difference other than the sole. They were designed for the same thing: To protect your feet.

Where do you get a Dirt bike license?

you do not have to have a dirt bike liscense dumbazz

When was Your Mother Wears Combat Boots created?

Your Mother Wears Combat Boots was created in 1989.

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