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Hasan Raza of Pakistan was 14 years old when he played his first international cricket match.

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Q: Who was the youngest player to play an international cricket match and how old was his he?
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Who was the youngest player to play worldcup cricket match?

Talha Jubair (Bangladesh) is the youngest player to play world cup cricket match. He was 17 years and 70 days in 2003 Cricket World Cup to play for Bangladesh

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you can watch all international cricket match live on cricnasha.

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What is the meaning of the abbreviation 'ODI' in terms of cricket?

One Day International"ODI" is an abbreviation of a "One Day International" cricket match.

Are the size of the fields for One Day International cricket match and International Twenty Twenty cricket match is same?

The can be, but the boundaries for a 20/20 match can be shorted to allow more 4's and 6's to be hit.

In one day international cricket match what is the record of total sixes in a match?

23 sixes

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Which player won highest man of the match in one day international cricket?

Sachin tendulkar og India has won 62 awards

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The first test was played between England and Australia.