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He scored a hundred in his second oneday match in international cricket.

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Q: Sachin second oneday match in international cricket?
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Who is the second highest cricket run scorer?

Sachin Tendulkar

How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score in his second One-Day International?

Sachin Tendulkar played his second One-Day International match on March 1, 1990 against New Zealand. Tendulkar finished out for a duck second ball, caught and bowled by Northern Districts player Shane Thomson, in the New Zealander's debut in One-Day International cricket.

Who is the leading run scorer in One Day International cricket?

As of January 2011, the highest run-scorer in One Day International cricket is Sachin Tendulkar, with 17605 runs from 432 One Day International innings. At the time of writing, he has played exactly the same number of One Day Internationals as the player in second place, Sanath Jayasuriya, who has scored 13428 ODI runs.

Who is winner of second World Cup cricket?

The West Indies cricket team won the 2nd international cricket world cup.

Who is the greatest and the second greatest cricketer of India?

''Kapil Dev'' is one of the greatest cricket players of India. and 2nd is ''Sachin Tendulkar''..

Who is the best batsman on the Indian cricket team?

sachin is the best Indian batsman ever. He is also rated as the second greatest batsman of altime after the great sir don bradman. In a country like India cricket is a religion sachin is God. Most of the people in India don't know the prime minister but know who sachin ramesh tendulker.

How many runs did Sachin Tendulkar score on his One-Day International debut?

Sachin Tendulkar scored a duck on his One-Day International debut, followed by another in his second ODI match two and a half months later.

Who is the second highest scorer in one day international cricket?

ChArles Coventry

Maximum fours in Test Cricket?

its brian Lara 1559 fours second is sachin 1551 fours To know more about facts about INDIAN CRICKET visit here

Who is the best cricketer in the whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar.. a complete cricketer. Having 44.83 average in odi... 54 average in tests and 200 international wicket 100 centuries ( Most in international cricket) 145 fifties ( Most in international cricket) Highest of 200( not out) in odi (first person to score 200 in odi) 18426 runs in odi (most runs in odi cricket) 15837* runs in tests ( most runs in tests match) 4062+ fours in a carrer ( far ahead of second best)

Who has taken highest number of catches in the history of cricket?

In Test Cricket it was M Boucher with 447 (Gilchrist is second with 379) In One Day Cricket it was A Gilchrist with 417 (Boucher is second with 381) So overall it was M Boucher (for international games only)

Who is the second highest wicket taker in one-day international cricket?

M Muralitharan (SL) - 458 wickets

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